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Santa Teresa Golf Club Covid-19 Protocol

Hello Friends,


The door is open to welcome you back home.   We are happy to announce that Santa Clara County has deemed it safe for golf to resume at Santa Teresa Golf Club effective May 4, 2020, with required operational changes, sanitary practices and strict social distancing protocols.  We will be limiting customer access to the property to only those who will be playing golf on the 18 hole course, 9 hole course or hitting balls on the driving range.   And as part of this process, for the first time ever, customers will be able to book tee times on the 9 hole course on the day of play.  Our reopening will be managed to help control social distancing while being cautious of contact points and implementing other potential restrictions. Our number one priority is to follow the protocols provided by the County and various health agencies in order to provide a safe environment for our employees and customers. The front gate will be opened at 7:30 AM and closed at 8:00 PM daily.


Santa Clara County Parks Golf Course Protocol Under Covid-19


In addition to the Social Distancing Requirement placed by the County Order,

the following policies and expressed procedures must be adhered to at all

times by everyone on the golf course property. Golf course staff will be

present to assist with and monitor compliance with the current guidelines

listed below.These are the minimum guidelines required of the facilities. This

Protocol is subject to change, based on updated State or County directives

related to COVIDÔÇÉ19 .


Players who repeatedly fail to adhere to the requirements will be asked to

leave the property.


Hours of operation will be limited to ensure social distancing and the Health Order

compliance can be properly monitored. Golf may start as early as daybreak and will

end thirty minutes prior to sunset, at which time the course will be cleared.

Online reservations and prepayment of fees will be encouraged, allowing for an

interaction free transaction. All other fees will be paid with credit cards (self-swipe)



Social distancing must be maintained throughout the golf experience by all persons

who are not members of the same household. This includes but is not limited to:

 *per State order, play is “singles, with carts (you must arrive in

 separate cars and maintain social distance throughout play).

 *signage and distance marking will be provided in buildings to maintain

 social distance requirements

 *no more than two customers in a building at one time

 *practice putting and chipping greens are available for warm up only,    limited to four players at a time, at least 6 feet apart

            *continuous putting is required, recommended one player on the tee and

 putting green at a time, at least 6 feet apart

            *driving range stalls will meet minimum social distancing

 requirements, rubber tees will be removed

            *players must exit the property immediately after completing play, no

 gatherings allowed

 *loitering in parking lot or on the property is prohibited

            *restaurants will be closed with a limited (to-go) food and beverage menu

            *restrooms will be limited to use by one person at a time, signs will be posted

            reminding players to wash their hands


Sanitary practices should be maintained throughout the golf experience. This

includes but is not limited to:

            *rakes will be removed from bunkers

            *cups will be raised so balls will not need to be retrieved

            *flags will not be touched or removed from cups

            *ball washers and water fountains will be covered

            *sanitizing stations will be provided at key points throughout the facility,

            including driving range, check-in area and any frequent touch points

            *benches will be covered or removed

 *range buckets will be collected and sanitized prior to each use

            *sanitizing solution will be added to range ball washers

            *practice putting green flags will be removed and cups turned upside down

            *restrooms will be regularly sanitized and sanitizing agents will be provided

 for customer use

 *pencils and scorecards will be discarded after single use

            *posting scores will not be available on site

            *scorecard distribution boxes will be covered

            *pull carts will be sanitized prior to each use


Compliance, Enforcement and Consequences if Protocol is Not Observed

Staff will be on course throughout the day to enforce all required protocol. Players

observed out of compliance will be reminded to adhere to all protocol. Players who

repeatedly ignore these requirements will be required to leave the property.


*golf club rental is currently unavailable

                       *no merchandise will be sold

            *organized events and gatherings are not allowed.

 *tee times are available to be booked online and by phone

            *employees will wear face masks as part of their required uniform and gloves

 will be required in customer contact positions

 *signage will be placed appropriately throughout the golf property

 reminding players of all requirements

            *staff will be on the golf course throughout the day to enforce all



The tee sheet is now open for bookings.  Please go to our website, open our mobile app on your phone or give us a call at 408-225-2650 to book your tee time now.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this time as we all work together to enjoy golf under safe and protective conditions.  Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

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