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Frequently Asked Questions

About Golf Lessons

When can I get a golf lesson?

Golf lessons are available seven days a week.

Who are the golf instructors/coaches?

John Snopkowski - Director of Instruction Tuesday thru Saturday
Terry Sullivan Tuesday thru Saturday
Kevin Kauinana Sunday thru Thursday

How long are the lessons?

Private lessons can be either 45 minutes or 60 minutes in length.

Group lessons are either one,two or three hours in length.

What is included in golf lessons?

Along with award winning instruction, lessons include V1 video, FlightScope radar and range balls, before, during and after your lesson.

How do I go about scheduling a lesson?

The first step is to open the "Golf Instruction" brochure
The second step is to select private or group instruction.

Once you have the desired type of lesson, call the lesson direct line at 408-835-2094, the golf shop at 408-225-2650 or email us at

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